Unique Design Stamps for Jewellery and Leather Artists

Fantastic, hard wearing jewellery and leather design stamps, hand carved by Jennifer using only top quality British tool steel.

Supporting British Steel Manufacturing

Every stamp is made using brand new, high quality British tool steel suppliers.

Why are these stamps so special?

"All of these stamps are made individually by me, which gives each one its very own distinctive character, unlike commercially mass produced or laser cut stamps." ~ Jennifer

  • American South West
  • Animals
  • Arrows
  • Avian
  • Celestial
  • Death
  • Fertility
  • Fish
  • Forest
  • Geometric
  • Hearts
  • Holidays
  • Insects
  • Lines
  • Nature
  • Nautical
  • Plants
  • Protection
  • Shapes
  • Spiritual
  • Talisman

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